Pittsburgh Steelers: Team of the 70's

In the 1970's the Pittsburgh Steelers were football's finest, winning four super bowls,   and earning them the title, team of the 70's. The Steel Curtain defense made up of Jack Lambert, "Mean" Joe Greene, Dwight White, Ernie Holmes, Jack Ham, Mel Blount , and L.C. Greenewood instilled fear in the hearts of opposing offenses and set forth the pride in defense that has been a staple in the Pittsburgh Steelers organization ever since. The offense was lead by recievers Lynn Swann and John Stallworth, with passes being thrown to them by future hall of famer Terry Bradshaw. Also coming out from behind an offensive line, that was centered by  future hall of famer Mike Webster, was Rocky Bleier, John "Frenchy" Fuqua, and yet another future hall of famer Franco Harris. And to top it all off they were coached by the legendary hall of fame coach Chuck Noll.

Year by Year in the 1970's
1970: In the year that Three Rivers Stadium opened and the Steelers moved to the AFC as a result of the AFL, NFL merger, rookie Terry Bradshaw and RB Frenchy Fuqua led the team to 5-9 record.

1971: Chuck Noll continued to build the team as rookies Jack Ham, Larry Brown (I know it's not the same one but it still makes me cringe, i.e. Super Bowl XXX aginst the Cowboys for all of you clueless fans out there), Mike Wagner, Gerry Mullins, and Dwight White all played well. The Steelers finished 6-8 but were in the division title hunt until the last few weeks.

1972: The Steelers won their first ever division title with an 11-3 record. In the playoffs they faced the Raiders in the game in which the greatest play in NFL history took place, the Immaculate Reception. With 22 seconds left in the fourth quarter and the Raiders in the lead 7-6,the situation didn't look good for the Steelers. They were on their own 40 yard with 4th and 10 togo. The play called was 66 option. Bradshaw threw the pass to Frenchy Fuqua that either went off his outstreched fingers, or not (to this day, no one but Frenchy knows if it truly did and that is part of the lore of this play). The pass appeared to be incomplete and with that the end of the Steelers season but out of nowhere came Franco Harris running up field to make a shoestring grab. He turned and ran 42 yards for the touchdown and a Steelers win. The Steelers went on to play the only undefeated team in NFL history, the Miami Dolphins, in the AFC championship game but lost 21-17.

1973: A limping Steelers team went on to a 10-4 record and lost to the Raiders in round one of the playoffs. Terry Bradshaw, Terry Hanratty, Franco Harris, and Frenchy Fuqua were all sidelined with injuries.

1974: With another AFC Central championship the Steelers went on to win their first Super Bowl championship, Super Bowl IX, 16-6 against the Minnesota Vikings. In the game Franco Harris rushed for a record (since broken) 158 yards. Rookie Lynn Swan also played well throughout the season.

1975: The Steelers began the season being upset in week two by the Buffalo Bills but rebounded to win 11 straight games. In the playoffs they steamrolled over the then Baltimore Colts and the Oakland Raiders to face the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl X. The Steelers won 21-17 with Lynnn Swan taking the MVP and Reggie Harrison contributing to the cause by blocking a punt.

1976: The Steelers defeated the Houston Oilers in the season finale to clinch their fourth straight AFC Central title despite a 1-4 start. After an opening round pounding of Baltimore, 40-14, the Steelers lost Franco Harris to injury, and went on to lose 24-7 against Oakland in the AFC title game.

1977: For the fifth straight time the Steelers won the division title with a 9-5 record but were defeated by the Denver Broncos in the first round of the playoffs 34-21.

1978: After an  excellent 14-2 record, the Steelers became the first ever team to win three Super Bowls. Once again they beat the Dallas Cowboys 35-31 led by Super Bowl MVP Terry Bradshaw who threw four touchdows. Two of Bradshaw's touchdown passes were caught in the first half by John Stallworth.

1979: With a 31-19 win over the Rams in Super Bowl XIV the Steelers finished of the 70's with a second set of back to back championsips. Terry Bradshaw also won his second straight MVP award with 309 passing yards. The Miami Dolphins and the Houston Oilers were victims on the way to Pasadena and Franco Harris tied Jim Brown's record with his seventh 1,000 yard season.

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