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Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Bill Cowher
Offensive Coordinator: Kevin Gilbride
Defensive Coordinator: Jim Haslett
Running Backs: Dick Hoak
Linebackers: Mike Archer
Defensive Backs: Tim Lewis
Defensive Line: John Mitchell
Tight Ends: Mike Mularkey
Offensive Line: Kent Stephenson
Front Office Personel
President: Daniel M. Rooney
Vice President: John R. McGinley
Vice President: Arthur J. Rooney, Jr.
Vice President/General Counsel: Arthur J. Rooney II
Administration Advisor: Charles H. Noll
Director of Marketing: Mark Fuhrman
Public Relations Manager: David Lockett
Director of Business: Mark Hart
Business Relations Coordinator: Dan Ferens
Business Accounting Coordinator: Jim Ellenberger
Director of Football Operations: Tom Donahoe
Pro Personnel Coordinator: Charles Bailey
College Scouts: Mark Gorscak, Phil Kreidler, Bob Lane, Max
McCartney, Dan Rooney
Office/Ticket Coordinator: Geraldine R. Glenn
Ticket Manager: Brian Bonihate
Player Development Coordinator: Anthony Griggs
Trainers: John Norwig, Rick Burkholder
Equipment Manager: Rodgers Freyvogel