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Sherman Out
What went wrong?
 Through the course of the season Ray Sherman has been the recipient of much of the blame for the Steelers poor season. Since Cowher started assuming the role of the controlling the offense more and more it was a given that Ray Sherman wasn't going to last long so it was not much of a suprise when he announced his resignation. Though he wasn't fired he probably going to be soon and he resigned under the strong advice of Bill Cowher.
     I'm not sure all the blame has to be placed on Sherman's shoulders. He came into a tough situation and probably wasn't the right man to do it. He has been used to running a west coast offense and had to step in and run the offense that Chan Gailey had been running. He also had a young, inexperienced quarterback in Kordell Stewart to do this with. But enough with the excuses. Other coaches have been able to step in to new roles and have lots of success. Why couldn't Sherman?
     It is still uncertain who will step in to replace Sherman as the offensive coordinator. It is also uncertain if defensive coordinator Jim Haslett will remain with the Steelers. With several NFL head coaching positions available he is sure to be a prime candidate. This time we won't have Tom Donahoe to find a new coordinator so it will be interesting to see what happens.