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 The Chief: Art Rooney
Image used with permision from Pride Promotions from the book "Doing It Right" by Jim O'Brien. Artist: Marty Wolfson

    In 1933 Art Rooney purchased an NFL franchise for $2,500 and named it the Pirates after his favorite baseball team. In 1940 Rooney sold the team to Alex Thompson and bought into the Philadelphia Eagles but by April, 1941 he was back to stay. He always kept a positive attitude throught all the years of losing that the Steelers had until the 70's. Rooney was so good for the team that even with all the great players he has been called the reason for the Steelers success in the 70's.
    Art Rooney represented the good about football and was one of the classiest men in pro football.Terry Bradshaw, who always had a great relationship with Rooney said "Art Rooney represented the good about people that were powerful." One of the reasons Art Rooney had such a good relationship with all his players was because he was an athlete himself. Art player semi-pro baseball and as a boxer was a member of the 1920 olympic team.
    Rooney was a justly deserving inductee into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1964. On August 25, 1998, at the age of 87, the chief died and is remembered by a statue outside Three Rivers. Art Rooney was one of the few owners loved by his fans and most want to name the Steelers new stadium after him. He was succeeded as president by his son Daniel Rooney.