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Steelers Offense Will Improve
One fan's thoughts on why the Steelers unimpressive offense of 1998 is set to improve.
With the season almost to the halfway point, let's face it, the Steelers offense certainly could have been better, paticularly the passing game, but I think it set to improve. Here are my reasons why after watchin.
1. Tim Lester - The bus driver is back, and after a short breakdown so is the bus. Bettis attributes a lot of his succees to the o-line and Tim Lester. There has been a lot of talk about how Jerome was having a tough time running behind Jon Witman instead of Lester but now the driver's back in his seat. Bettis and Lester are great friends off the field and they work great together on the field. Just look at the game Bettis had against KC with Lester bak from injury, 119 yards.
2.O-Line - After not playing well together for a lot of the first half of the season they looked a lot better on Monday night, only giving up one sack. The only concern would be the torn right quadricep muscle that tackle Justin Strzelczyk suffered. Strzelczyk, a nine year vet, is on of the leagues most versatile lineman and has great skill.
3. Kordell - Obviously the quarterback is a key to the offense and I think it is time for Kordell to come around. Even though Kordell had a dismally low 82 yards on 11 cmpletions out of 22 attempts he had no interceptions. But his passing isn't what I like, the main reason I'm posititve about the future for Kordell. Slash is back! Over the past few weeks slash has been up to his old tricks again with over 100 yards rushing agianst the Ravens and even catching a pass from Hines Ward in the Monday Night game. I've been waiting all season for a little Hines Ward involved trickery and we finally got it. Hopefully it's not the last time and I don't think it is.
4. Prior Performance - Last but not least let's remeber that the offense played well in the Baltimore game and prduced a win and really did enough to win versus Cincinnati but got jipped again by that Kneel O'Donnel guy.

    Well, there you have it. After having the defense keeping them in most of the games the Steelers offense will finally come around and make them a force in the league. At least that's my opinion and I hope I'm right.